Over 8 Million Tax Non-Filers Receive Notices from FBR

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has taken decisive action by issuing notifications to more than 8 million individuals who have not filed their taxes, aiming to tighten control over defaulters, as per officials cited by ARY News.
These notifications, implemented under the Income Tax General Order, encompass a significant outreach, totaling 8.19 million notices. Among these, over 2.4 million notices pertain to the tax year 2022, while more than 5.6 million notices target non-filers for the year 2023.
FBR officials emphasized that stringent measures will be taken against individuals who disregard these notifications. In the subsequent phase, non-registered individuals risk having their telephone connections disconnected if they fail to comply.
Reports highlight that Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar emphasized the significance of revenue generation and the need to augment the count of tax filers in recent discussions.
In a bid to expand the tax net and improve the tax-to-GDP ratio, the FBR board announced the establishment of district tax offices. These offices, led by District Tax Officers, will play a pivotal role in compelling non-filers and stop-filers to submit their Income Tax Returns, as outlined in an official press release.

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