PKR Gains Momentum: Strengthening Against the US Dollar

In Karachi, the Pakistani rupee exhibited a rise of 50 paisas against the US dollar in interbank trading on Friday, as reported by ARY News.
Forex dealers noted a depreciation of 50 paisas in the dollar’s value within the interbank market, marking its trade at Rs281.43 by 10:10 am local time.
Banks are selling the greenback to importers at Rs281.83, while in the open market, it is being traded at Rs283.50.
In Thursday’s trading session, the Pakistani rupee saw an increase of 26 paisas against the US dollar in the interbank market, closing at Rs281.93 in comparison to the previous day’s closure at Rs282.19.
As per the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the Euro’s price escalated by Rs 1.87, settling at Rs313.47, compared to its previous closure at Rs311.60. Additionally, the Japanese Yen observed a minor increase of 03 paisas, closing at Rs2, while the British Pound surged by Rs2.14, trading at Rs361.40 compared to its earlier closure at Rs359.26.

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