False Shooting Alert Prompts Police Response at Mayor Wu’s Residence on Christmas

Boston Police Respond to False Shooting Report at Mayor Michelle Wu’s Residence on Christmas
During Christmas evening, Boston Police officers rushed to Mayor Michelle Wu’s residence in Roslindale following a hoax call reporting a shooting incident. The call, received around 5:30 p.m. by a police officer assigned to the mayor’s detail, alleged a shooting within a nearby property, as detailed in a police report obtained by Boston.com.
The caller claimed to have shot his wife after discovering her alleged infidelity and restrained her inside the residence. Despite this distressing information, the officer at the scene stated no gunfire was heard from the area.
Upon investigation, officers conversed with residents of the mentioned building, confirming that no shooting had occurred and that all occupants were unharmed. After inspecting the surroundings of the house, officers departed from the scene, finding no evidence of any wrongdoing.
The address specified in the report corresponds to a two-family home recognized as Mayor Wu’s residence, although the fake call pertained to a unit where Wu does not reside.
In response, Mayor Wu acknowledged the incident during an interview with WBUR, expressing concern over the misdirection of resources due to false emergencies. Despite this unfortunate event, she highlighted the preparedness of her family in dealing with such incidents and commended the collaborative effort with the police department.

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