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“California’s New Year, 2024 Brings Fresh Legislation on Firearms, Cannabis, and Workers’ Rights”

California Welcomes 2024 with a Wave of New Legislation Covering Firearms, Cannabis, Workers’ Rights, and More
As the New Year dawns, ushering in a sense of new beginnings, California braces for the enactment of several new laws in 2024 that touch upon diverse aspects of life in the Golden State. From regulations on camping and cannabis to stipulations concerning cruising and workforce protections, a range of legislative changes are set to take effect as the calendar flips to January 2024.
Senate Bill 2 marks a significant shift in the guidelines for concealed carry firearm permit holders. This legislation imposes restrictions on the locations where firearms can be carried, barring their presence in places like schools, government buildings, and public transit. Moreover, it mandates that CCW applicants must be at least 21 years old, possess prior firearm training, and pass comprehensive background checks. However, the law faced a setback when a U.S. District Judge blocked its enforcement, leading to an anticipated journey through federal court and potentially the US Supreme Court for a final decision.
In the ongoing battle against fentanyl-related issues, Assembly Bill 701 toughens penalties for individuals convicted of trafficking over a kilogram of the lethal narcotic. With nearly 7,000 Californians succumbing to fentanyl overdoses in 2022, this law aims to address the grave impact of the drug.
Several legislations aimed at safeguarding and enhancing the lives of California workers are also on the horizon. Assembly Bill 2188 shields workers and job applicants from discrimination based on their use of cannabis products outside of work. Notably, while off-duty discrimination is prohibited, similar safeguards do not extend to protect against repercussions for on-duty cannabis use. Additionally, the minimum wage is slated to rise from $15.50 to $16 per hour for all employers in 2024, with a further increase to $20 an hour scheduled for fast food workers in April 2024. Furthermore, the bill authored by State Sen. Lena Gonzalez promises an expansion of sick days from three to five for workers.
Further legislative changes prohibit counties and cities from imposing bans on cruising city streets, a decision celebrated by the lowrider community. Additionally, a new online policy encourages early cancellations of campsite reservations by offering credits for cancellations made more than a week in advance. Failure to show up on the reserved date results in the cancellation of the entire stay, promoting responsible reservation practices and ensuring available spaces for eager campers.

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