Ongoing ‘Killer Whale Frenzy’ Persists Along Southern California’s Coastline

A remarkable spectacle continues to unfold off the Orange County coast, captivating whale enthusiasts who have named the event “Killer Whale Madness.”
The Eastern Tropical Pacific orcas, nurturing their young and engaging in dolphin hunting, have made appearances as far north as Malibu within the last fortnight, thrilling onlookers along Southern California’s shores.
Over the weekend, Newport Coastal Adventures documented a breathtaking scene of a killer whale in pursuit of a dolphin, followed by the orca feasting on its fresh prey.
“Another incredible day of Killer Whale madness off Laguna Beach! It’s hard to express the sheer level of activity—truly unprecedented!” shared the tour company on social media. “Their newfound hunting grounds seem to have the orcas lingering, but the duration of their stay remains uncertain.”
For those planning a whale-watching excursion from Newport Beach or Long Beach, experts suggest opting for faster vessels like inflatable Zodiacs, offering a better chance to keep pace with these swift marine mammals.
Killer whales, the largest members of the dolphin family, can reach lengths of nearly 33 feet and weigh approximately 22,000 pounds, as noted by Whale and Dolphin Conservation.
Although Eastern Tropical Pacific orcas typically inhabit waters near Mexico and Central America, their presence as far north as Malibu marks an exceptional extension of their usual range, which usually extends westward to Hawaii.

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