Patriots Accused of Underinflated Footballs in Chiefs Game

Kicking Ball Controversy Strikes Patriots vs. Chiefs Game Amid Underinflation Speculation
In Sunday’s high-profile game between the Patriots and Chiefs, both teams encountered issues with missed field goals during the first half at Foxborough, sparking speculation reminiscent of past controversies.
Reports emerged suggesting a potential recurrence of the infamous “DeflateGate” scandal, almost a decade later, as Gillette Stadium allegedly became the scene of another game tainted by underinflated footballs. According to Mark Daniels from MassLive, the kicking balls utilized by both teams in the game’s initial half were purportedly underinflated by up to two pounds per square inch (PSI).
The concerns came to light after Patriots kicker Chad Ryland and Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker missed field goals in the early stages of the game, prompting officials to inspect the footballs during halftime. Sources disclosed to Daniels that the measured weight of these balls was only 11 pounds, significantly below the legal limit of 13.5 pounds.
The Patriots reportedly grew suspicious when Butker’s opening kickoff landed at the 3-yard line, deviating from his usual kickoff success rate of touchbacks, while his subsequent missed field goal in the first quarter was an anomaly after 23 successful attempts this season.
Daniels highlighted observations from the Patriots’ camp, noting a noticeable difference in the trajectory and hang time of kicks and punts, along with a distinct softness in the feel of the kicking balls throughout the first half.
Despite Ryland’s uneven performance during the season, sources mentioned to Daniels that the rookie kicker’s mechanics seemed adequate during his field-goal attempt.
The NFL rules strictly prohibit teams from using specific kicking balls during pregame warmups, raising questions about how this issue went unnoticed by both teams until Butker’s kickoff. The footballs were reinflated to the standard weight post-halftime.
Although the Patriots succumbed to a 27-17 defeat against the Chiefs, Butker managed to convert two field goals in the second half from 29 and 54 yards.
For Patriots fans, any reference to deflated footballs likely triggers memories of past controversies, but with both teams grappling with kicking challenges during the game, it appears the league and its officials unwittingly allowed a situation to unfold, impacting all involved parties.

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