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Christmas Cruise Surprise, Bahamas-Bound Travelers Find Themselves in Boston Instead

Passengers who anticipated a tropical Bahamas cruise this week were surprised to find themselves disembarking in chilly Boston instead. The MSC Meraviglia, scheduled for a seven-day Bahamas voyage from New York, altered its plans last minute due to anticipated adverse weather conditions.
The cruise line notified passengers a day before departure, citing heavy rain and unsafe wind gusts of over 40 knots across Florida and the Bahamas. MSC offered passengers the option to cancel free of charge, with a future cruise credit as compensation.
Explaining the decision, MSC expressed that last-minute berth availability and ship provisioning complexities compelled the alternative route to Canada and New England as the only feasible option, instead of outright cancellation.
Chris Gray Faust from Cruise Critic mentioned the industry’s “contract of carriage” clause, indicating itinerary changes due to weather are within the terms, not guaranteeing a fixed schedule.
The MSC Meraviglia, a massive ship accommodating nearly 5,700 passengers, docked in Boston, then headed to Portland, Maine, and St. John, Canada, before returning to New York City.
Passengers like Girish Keswani and Connie C. expressed surprise and disappointment. Keswani initially thought the mention of Canada was a jest, while Connie C. felt dismayed, having anticipated a Christmas vacation in the Bahamas.
Lakeya Allen, who had planned the trip meticulously with her best friend, considered the cruise as part of her children’s Christmas present, seeking warmer weather from Chicago. The sudden change left her disappointed with the return to cold temperatures.
Frustration echoed on Reddit, where users shared their distress over disrupted holiday plans and sought advice. Some Reddit users empathized, cautioning about potential adverse sea conditions, advising against sailing in rough weather.
Others suggested making the best of the situation in Boston by visiting attractions like the New England Aquarium, Boston Science Museum, and Faneuil Hall, recommending warm clothing for outdoor visits.
The unexpected change in itinerary left many passengers grappling with disappointment, having prepared extensively for a Bahamas getaway, now diverted to explore the unexpected charms of New England.

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