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Apple Tightens User Privacy: Requires Warrant for Push Notification Data Access by Police

Apple has announced a significant shift in its policy concerning the release of users’ push notification records to law enforcement. The company updated its law enforcement guidelines, indicating that access to push notification data will now require either a court order or a search warrant, both of which must be sanctioned by a judge. Previously, Apple allowed police departments and law enforcement agencies to obtain this information using subpoenas, lacking judicial oversight.
This alteration follows U.S. Senator Ron Wyden’s disclosure, revealing that governments could compel Apple and Google to provide the content of push notifications without public awareness. Notably, Google mandates a court-issued order before granting access to push notification data.
While push notifications serve to alert users about new messages or updates, they pass through Apple and Google servers, granting these companies a distinctive position in facilitating potential government surveillance of app usage, as noted by Wyden. The previous undisclosed practice inhibited Apple and Google from publicly disclosing such government requests. Additionally, undisclosed foreign governments have also sought access to users’ push notification data.
However, not all apps are susceptible to having their push notifications intercepted or accessed via law enforcement requests. Meredith Whittaker, president of the end-to-end encrypted messaging app Signal, emphasized that Signal’s push notifications do not divulge sender or caller information and are processed solely on users’ devices.
Despite inquiries about the reasons for Apple’s previous allowance of law enforcement access to push notification data without warrants, the company did not provide a response or clarification.

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