Gronkowski and Edelman Take a Jab at Colts Over DeflateGate Controversy

In the illustrious two-decade reign of the New England Patriots, the lingering specter of “DeflateGate” remains a sore spot, etching a tiresome narrative that persisted for years. It sparked relentless debates among media, fans, and NFL figures—delving into topics from PSI levels to accusations of cheating, even veering into Tom Brady’s infamous courtroom portrait and references to Mona Lisa Vito.
For Patriots loyalists, the saga was an exasperating ordeal, culminating in Brady’s subsequent four-game suspension in 2016, along with the team being fined $1 million and docked two draft picks.
Despite more than a decade having passed since “DeflateGate” first made headlines, it’s evident that Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman haven’t quite shelved the issue.
In the recent episode of Edelman’s “Games with Names” podcast, both Gronkowski and Edelman aimed their barbs at the Indianapolis Colts, attributing the origins of the controversy to the Colts’ resentment, which they believe brewed earlier in the 2014 season.
The Patriots delivered a resounding 42-20 victory against the Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium on Nov. 16, 2014, a game where Jonas Gray unexpectedly rushed for 201 yards and four touchdowns, causing the Colts considerable embarrassment.
Gronkowski asserted, “That game, I swear, led to the ‘DeflateGate’. I absolutely despise the Colts, man. They needed an excuse for why they kept losing to us every year, and not just losing but getting completely dominated. I don’t have any respect for them. They concocted a whole story because they couldn’t handle being beaten so thoroughly.”
The Colts reignited the controversy a couple of months later by alleging that a ball intercepted by linebacker D’Qwell Jackson in the AFC title game felt under-inflated, thereby raising suspicions of foul play.
Expressing his frustration, Gronkowski exclaimed, “It was ridiculous. They simply cooked up that story because we were demolishing them in every game.”
Edelman chimed in mockingly, “Oh, this ball feels a bit flat!”
Gronkowski retorted, “Seriously? We ran all over them for 300 yards!”
In the grand scheme, Brady and the Patriots had the last laugh against the Colts and the NFL at large. Following the 2014 AFC Championship victory, they went on to claim three more Super Bowl titles, with Brady clinching his third MVP trophy in 2017, solidifying their legacy in the face of adversity.

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