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Deer Wreaking Havoc: Calls for Sunday Hunting in Mass.

A proposed bill to end Massachusetts’ 140-year ban on Sunday deer hunting is sparking a heated discussion. The state grapples with a surge in deer numbers, with over 100,000 deer currently present, creating an imbalance in different regions.
Proponents argue that lifting the ban is crucial to aid farmers, particularly in counties where deer populations are well above the carrying capacity. Farmers testify to significant annual losses due to overpopulation, impacting crops and requiring extensive efforts to safeguard fields.
Supporters highlight that hunting is an effective method for managing deer populations, ensuring food resources for families, and generating funds for conservation efforts. However, the extent to which an extra hunting day could control deer populations remains debatable. Some suggest establishing a deer population control commission as a complementary measure.
Opponents emphasize that the ban’s repeal might not substantially reduce deer populations. They cite expert opinions that hunting efforts need to be more substantial—up to 40% of female deer annually—to have a notable impact. Additionally, a majority of residents appear to support the ban, citing concerns about safety and animal welfare.
While hunting-related injuries are rare in Massachusetts, non-hunters express anxiety about accidentally encountering hunters during the season. Many argue for at least one day of respite for non-hunters to enjoy public lands safely.
Despite the ongoing debate, Massachusetts remains one of the last two states with a Sunday hunting ban. Efforts to overturn the ban have persisted over the years but have not succeeded. The issue continues to draw passionate testimony from both sides.

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