“Fatal Police Shooting: Armed Woman Fatally Shot After Pointing Gun at Toddler”

“Police Confrontation Ends in Fatal Shooting of Woman Allegedly Pointing Gun at Toddler in San Bernardino
In a distressing incident that has left investigators puzzled, San Bernardino Police responded to a harrowing 911 call reporting an armed woman allegedly pointing a gun at a 3-year-old child. The unsettling situation unfolded around 8 a.m. on Sunday in the 200 block of E. 21st Street.
Upon arrival, officers encountered a highly tense scenario. The caller indicated that the armed woman, unaffiliated with the child, was inside an apartment, wielding a firearm and purportedly aiming it at the child’s head. Disturbingly, the caller reported that the woman had discharged the weapon at least once.
Described as visibly distraught, the woman was found standing on a balcony, directing the firearm at the caller and later at an officer, prompting heightened concern.
The woman retreated into the apartment, where the child remained, and barricaded herself inside.
Law enforcement swiftly acted, forcibly entering the apartment to find the woman positioned on a bed within the living room, still pointing the firearm at the crying child situated below her.
Despite officers’ attempts to de-escalate the situation and commands to drop the weapon, the woman persisted, reportedly pointing the gun once more at the child. Police fired at the woman in response, initially striking her, yet she maintained her grip on the firearm. Tragically, in a subsequent confrontation, officers fired again, resulting in the woman’s fatal injury.
Responding officers promptly extracted the child from the apartment and administered emergency medical aid to the suspect. Regrettably, the woman, identified as Darvet Brown, a 35-year-old San Bernardino resident with no familial ties to the child, succumbed to her injuries at the scene.
Authorities are grappling with understanding the motives behind Brown’s distressing behavior, which led to this tragic and fatal confrontation.”

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