‘Funkari was written by me, you just came to sing it’, Shiraz Uppal to Aima Baig

Pakistani famous singer Aima Baig found herself in a controversy after the release of her new song Funkari which she claimed was written by herself and Shakeel Sohail. 

“It took us like almost three years to make this song because I was too scared to let a solo single out because, since the start of my career, I haven’t released a solo track on which I had worked by myself day and night,” she said while speaking to a local media outlet. 

“We started writing this song three years ago in Ramadan. It was Shakeel bhai’s (Shakeel Sohail) last song Funkari that he co-wrote with me. […] While we were writing the song, I was living a character.”

Soon after her statement, singer Shiraz Uppal called out Baig for “misquoting” who wrote the song, saying that it was solely written by him. 

“She forgot to give the due credit that was already mentioned by Universal Music India on her YouTube credits,” wrote Uppal on his Instagram account.

“Get your facts right lady. Shakeel Sohail passed away 6 months prior to writing this song and the last he co-wrote with me was another single for you named Faraq Faraq. So Funkari was written, composed and produced by me and you just came to sing it that only took 3 hours,” he said.

Earlier this week, Baig released a new song called Funkari which captures the essence of feelings of longing and emptiness.

The soul-stirring song only captured the hearts of fans but was also trending on Twitter, showcasing its immense popularity and widespread acclaim.

“I am overwhelmed by the incredible response Funkari has received. The love and appreciation from my fans mean the world to me. I am humbled by their support and will continue to strive to create music that touches their hearts,” the singer had said. 

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