Gwadar port starts receiving govt imports of bulk cargos

The Gwadar port has started receiving government imports of bulk cargos as three consecutive vessels carrying 90,000 MT urea have already arrived at the port and clocked the fastest discharge rate. This represents the efforts of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Authority, Gwadar Port Authority (GPA), Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) and Pakistan Customs, according to a press release issued here on Thursday. These bulk cargos were discharged and after bagging at the port are transported from Gwadar to other destinations in Pakistan. Next month Gwadar Port will start handling 450,000 MT of TCP wheat.

Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) on behalf of the government decided to handle the import of urea and wheat through Gwadar Port. This movement will ease the huge congestion at other ports of Pakistan due to the high traffic of vessels carrying bulk cargoes, which results in delaying the operation and transportation of shipments; thus, disturbing the entire supply chain mechanism.

Import of these government cargoes offers substantial benefits to locals and will generate various economic activities and employment opportunities for locals in terms of 100% shipping agencies services by locals, a top priority for local transporters etc.

Gwadar Port is the industrial nerve center of Gwadar Free Zone and offers substantial economic benefits to importers in terms of highly efficient operations, advanced cargo handling, vast storage areas for all types of cargo, extensive ancillary facilities, and faster turnaround time & delivery. Gwadar Port due to its unique geographical position makes it a fast-economical link between land-locked central Asian states and the rest of the country.

Gwadar port and Freezone are all set to become the hub of international trade which will help the country in earning much-needed foreign exchange in the near future which also is in line with the vision of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to promote regional economic integration. A sizable share to import of wheat and urea at Gwadar Port will play a vital role in the operationalization and also generating business opportunities both in Gwadar and along CPEC highways which is very essential for the uplift of Balochistan.

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