Uber Users Can Now View Their Own Ratings

Uber for the first time is allowing its customers to see the stats of one-star and five-star ratings they’ve received from their drivers, respectively. The update came with an aim to offer the platform users a closer look into the rating system that determines whether or not they can be kicked off the app.For years, the two-way rating system has dictated the company’s power over its riders and drivers. Where, on one hand, low-performing drivers (those with an average rating of four stars or less) were at constant risk of deactivation, on the other, the platform showed no tolerance when it came to poorly behaving passengers. Now, Uber is offering its customers fresh insight into how they are perceived by their respective drivers.

Customers will be able to access this feature in the Uber app’s new privacy menu, which will be available to customers globally starting Wednesday. The breakdown can be accessed by going into the app’s settings menu, tapping “Privacy” and then selecting “Privacy Center”.

Once in the privacy center, users can swipe right and click “would you like to see a summary of how you use Uber,” scrolling down to the “browse your data” section and then selecting “View my ratings” to have a closer look at the breakdown.

The breakdown will only display the last 500 journeys of the user, as rider ratings are only calculated using the average score from these rides, says Uber.

Furthermore, the platform also offers riders some tips on safety and decency, to help boost their rating. This includes not slamming doors, wearing seatbelts, taking trash and belongings with you, and being ready on time. Usually, drivers give low ratings to the riders, who slam doors and make them wait for too long.

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