RISC and MIUC: Nurturing the Young Minds for a Better, Brighter Future

In today’s contemporary education era, every educational institute applies its best minds and expertise to be the top school of the industry so that it can produce a crop of skillful minds who not only contribute to the economic development of the country but also play their role in the social development of the society.

Roots International Schools and Colleges (RISC) is one of those schools that creates a learning community where students can fulfill their personal potential by contributing to quality learning experiences, preparing for a lifetime of trials and opportunities, and developing a personal vision of a preferred future.

RISC offers programs of all tiers starting from early years till Cambridge A/O level and local board qualifications. It provides an environment of compassion, empathy, and self-belief so that the alumni could become a valuable part of society.

According to international research, students spend more than 1,000 hours with their teachers in a conventional school year. That is enough time to build a relationship that could ignite a student’s lifetime love of learning.

RISC has a very impactful faculty who works as a mentor to groom and nurture children in every aspect of life. All teachers are Microsoft Innovative Educators that collaborate with Microsoft to achieve a future where every student has the skills, knowledge, and opportunity to achieve more through effective use of technology.

Its faculty is part of this incredible group of thousands of educators from over 100 countries around the globe striving to make learning better through Innovating Technologies.

Young bright minds need to be exposed to the whole world of knowledge by providing international exposure. RISC offers international placements through Student Summer scholarship programs in leading prestigious international institutes every year.

This program helps them to experience and understand the people, traditions, and culture of the host country. Hundreds of scholarships are being furnished to bright students nationwide every year.

100% scholarships are being offered to those talented students who can’t afford the expense of education. Nurturing young minds, molding raw ideas into practical examples, grooming talents, and imparting cultural diversity are a few of the important aspects which are imparted through a foreign language program.

Placing great emphasis on additional languages for students, RISC offers German and Chinese language classes by partnering with their respective prestigious institutes. Goethe (German) institute and Confucius (Chinese) language institute are working hand in hand with RISC.

Metropolitan International University College (MIUC) under the umbrella of Roots international aims to be a global institution committed to meeting the needs and ambitions of a diverse range of students by providing challenging academic programs underpinned by innovative research scholarship and professional practices.

MIUC offers a range of the University of London International Laws, HND Pearson level 4&5, B-Tech Level 3, ACCA, BBA, BS Computer Sciences.

MIUC has been developing a global network of academic partners with collaborative partnerships in countries across Asia, Europe, Canada, America, and the Middle East. Its commitment originates from the underpinning of fostering supportive relations in conjunction with creating and providing higher educational opportunities for the youth.

Through transnational engagement with global partners, it seeks to create high-quality international collaborations to deliver a wide range of programs and to develop new provisions and new modes of learning which meet 21st-century global skills need.

It aims to embark on overall educational development by initiating joint education ventures which will further transform and strengthen the social as well as economic arena.

MIUC doesn’t only provide state-of-the-art infrastructure along with top-notch faculty but it also provides venues to its young minds where they can flourish their skills and expertise. One of the accomplishments of MIUC is its strong connection with the industry which links its students with the leading entrepreneurs and subject matters experts.

MIUC frequently organizes events such as workshops, experts talk, seminars, industry visits, job fairs, moot courts, and many more to keep the academia and industry linkages in contact so that the graduates of MIUC already have the career path once they complete their degree program.

Dozens of national and international awards have been conferred upon RISC and MIUC as a recognition of its quality service to the education sector of Pakistan.

Some of them are: ‘Corporate Social Responsibility Award’, Education development & sustainability recognition award 2021, Best Excellence Service in Education Award, Best Educational Entrepreneur Excellence 2019 award by RCCI, and 11th annual corporate social responsibility award 2019.

It has also been awarded as the Best schooling system in ICCI award 2018, best educational entrepreneur of the year in 31st  FPCCI award 2018, young entrepreneur of the year 2016’ award by RCCI, the presidential award for excellence in education, 3rd global leadership excellence summit awards 2013 and many more.

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