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Star French Footballer Voices His Support For Muslim Girls Under Persecution in India

French football star, Paul Pogba voiced his support for Muslim girls under persecution in India for wearing Hijab. Pogba shared a story on Instagram that showed a mob of Hindu nationalists harassing young Muslim girls in India for protesting against the ban of Hijab in colleges.

The controversy began a month ago as Muslim girl students in Karnataka were banned from wearing Hijab to school and colleges. The government’s decision was not well received by the students as they protested that wearing a Hijab is their right. The controversy sparked multiple protests all around the area and recently things have gone out of hand as there have been multiple incidents of harassment and brutality by the police on these young protesting women.

To add fuel to the fire, Hindu students have been seen harassing young Muslim students for wearing Hijab. There have been several videos that have surfaced online that showcase gut-wrenching scenes.

Paul Pogba, who is one of the biggest football stars in the world, shared the plight of young Muslim women in India by sharing a video on his Instagram account. Pogba, who has over 51.5 million followers on the platform, has been known to raise his voice for the oppressed on multiple occasions. He has previously raised his voice against the atrocities of Israel in Palestine.

The 28-year old, who is a devoted Muslim, has also suffered abuse in the past for practicing his religion. Recently, Pogba was forced to delete a picture of him praying in front of the ‘Holy Kaabah’ due to thousands of messages of abuse.

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