Punjab Police Bars Use of TikTok and Officially Requests a Ban on PUBG

Punjab police has banned its personnel from posting on TikTok, a Chinese video-sharing platform. According to details, the Punjab police department has barred all cops from using TikTok during duty hours.

The police department has warned that if a video of any officer goes viral on any social media platform, strict departmental action will be taken against them.

The decision was made after complaints were registered, via the Prime Minister’s Citizen’s Portal, against the use of “TikTok” by on-duty police personnel.

A statement in this regard said, “This behavior hurts the soft image, dignity, and prestige of the police department.”

Letters have been dispatched by the AIG Operations Punjab to all RPOs across the province.

Meanwhile, in another important decision, the Punjab police has also officially requested to ban the popular mobile game, PUBG.

Inspector General of Punjab, in a letter sent to Punjab Home Department, raised the matter with Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) that PUBG is spoiling the young generation.

The letter states that the young generation is suffering from depression after failing to achieve the targets of the said game, therefore, the online game should be banned.  The letter was issued by AIG Operations on the orders of IG Punjab.

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