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Vehicle-Tracking on WhatsApp – Falcon-i Revolutionizes Fleet Management

The satellite-tracking and fleet-management industry in Pakistan can foresee healthy growth in the future, mainly due to the rapid rise in vehicle prices, weak law enforcement, and the security concerns prevailing in Pakistan.

While more consumers are seeking reliable protection against car thefts and other safety threats, large-scale enterprises are also adopting fleet-management systems to monitor the performance of their vehicle fleets.

The aim is to ensure higher fuel efficiency and reduce the operational and maintenance costs of their automobiles, along with real-time evaluation of the efficiency of their transportation staff.

Recently, an innovative solution was launched by Falcon-i, the largest vehicle-tracking and fleet-management company in Pakistan. Besides providing unmatched control and connectivity through the ‘Internet-of-Things’ (IoT), Falcon-i has now pioneered its ‘WhatsApp for Business’ channel in Pakistan.

This convergence of smart technologies offers the clients the opportunity to monitor the movement and safety of their automobiles, through four powerful features accessible via WhatsApp including Live-Tracking, Chat-Support, and product details/brochures, along with the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

With innovation and customer-centricity as its top priorities, Falcon-i has achieved tremendous growth by winning the trust of 170,000 individual customers and 200 corporate enterprises, to secure and monitor assets worth more than 2 billion US Dollars.

“We’re here because of them [customers], so we always think of customers first. As more and more channels of engagement open up, we take it upon ourselves to deliver beyond their expectations. We’re geared to take every step possible to ensure a strong balance between technology and great customer experience,” says Khalid B. Wyne, Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, Falcon-i.

Founded in 2003, Falcon-i has excelled in providing its customers with full control over their automobile’s speed, fuel consumption, cold chain temperature, engine heat, door locks, panic alerts, driver identification, video surveillance, and many more services, based on a customized application.

It also offers other facilities like geo-fencing, vehicle-telematics, driver-safety, logistics optimizer, smart-agriculture management, etc., as per the clients’ needs. Real-time tracking &andanalytical reports are being timely delivered to the users, through customized web portals, or the Falcon-i application.

Instant customer-responsiveness round-the-clock makes it ever so popular among the clients. These solutions ensure safety and efficiency for the logistical operations of large-scale industries and institutions.

Its services are powered by global giants as its Technology-Partners, including VMWare, Avaya, Lenovo, Oracle, Kaspersky, Juniper Networks, Cybernet, Telenor, HP infrastructure, Office 365 Cloud-Power, Jazz, CISCO, etc.

With the most advanced solutions and nationwide coverage, Falcon-i has won the ‘Best Intellectual Property’ Award in 2020 and was also recognized as the ‘Brand of the Year’ and ‘Brand Icon of Pakistan’ in 2019.

Its solutions provide valuable insights and transparency about vehicle usage and diagnostics to improve the performance of drivers and fleet to prevent numerous threats to the clients’ lives and assets to accelerate the growth of the client’s business.

For more details, send a WhatsApp message to Falcon-i on phone number: 021-111-007-333.

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