Sinovac Booster Shot is Effective Against New Variants: Study

A study published on Sunday before a peer-review has revealed that a booster shot of the Sinovac coronavirus vaccine reversed the drop in antibody activities against the Delta variant of the virus.

This new development has addressed some of the concerns about the efficacy of the Sinovac vaccine against the highly contagious Delta strain, and its long-term immune response.

Many countries that relied heavily on the Sinovac vaccine have started giving booster shots developed by Western manufacturers to those who are fully inoculated with it.

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Furan University, Sinovac, and other Chinese institutions claim that neutralization of antibody activities against the Delta was not found in samples that were taken from vaccine recipients six months after they had received the second dose of the Chinese vaccine.

However, those who received booster shots displayed over 2.5-fold higher neutralizing potency against the Delta variant after almost four weeks.

The study includes samples taken from 66 participants, including 38 volunteers who had received either two or three doses of the Chinese vaccine.

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