Pakistani NGO Becomes First to Raise Millions in an NFT Fundraiser Using Crypto

Tayaba Organization, a non-profit based in Pakistan, has launched and auctioned a limited collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) primarily to raise awareness for its water accessibility initiative.

Through this step, Tayaba Organization has become the first Pakistani non-governmental organization (NGO) – and one of the first global entities – to implement the innovative block chain-based NFT technology for fundraising purposes in the charity sector. This represents a unique and tangible use case as it continues to gain acceptance across the world.

The fundraising campaign immediately gained traction on Instagram with an increasing number of people showing interest in the initiative due to its creativity and technological ingenuity.

The collection of NFTs includes Trading Cards that stand for each of the aforementioned values which project the impact Tayaba’s H2O Wheels have had on its users. The NFT fundraiser, with 12 assets including trading cards, animated images and gifs, is being auctioned via Opensea: opensea.io/Tayaba.

Though the pricing ranges from $46 to $1,938 to $3,876 in an ongoing auction, Tayaba has so far managed to raise over Rs. 2 million ahead of the International Charity Day.

Funds raised from the sale of the NFTs will facilitate the charity’s efforts to continue to work towards its mission of improving water accessibility to empower women and families in underserved and water-deprived communities.

A giveaway called NFT (Now-for-Tayaba) was simultaneously announced when the auction went live, giving people the rare opportunity of owning unique NFTs, worth over $240 for free. On International Charity Day, 20 winners were selected to avail this offer. To enter the giveaway or learn about results, visit the relevant digital channels below:

Discussing the fundraiser in detail, founder and social entrepreneur Bilal bin Saqib told ProPakistani,

The world is advancing at a rapid rate and digital trends are taking over. In this new digital era, NFT could be a game changing medium for NGOs/Charities across the world to raise funds. NFTs can be a great way to raise money through auctions, allowing organizations to raise funds in a transparent way, while engaging a new audience and strengthening brand awareness.

He also called out other local entities and charities to “be forward-thinking and make this into a win-win situation for charity, corporates, and the crypto community: driving brand awareness and raising funds for charitable organizations doing amazing work in Pakistan”.

Led by a team of Social Innovators like Bilal, the Tayaba organization is now getting ahead of the curve by employing the use of NFTs to spread awareness of the impact that its H2O wheels have on goals in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including Health, Gender Equality, Water Accessibility, Education and Economic Growth.

Tayaba Organisation was founded by Bilal Bin Saqib in 2016. After graduating with a Master’s degree in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the London School of Economics, Bilal’s social work has not just received a Points of Light Award and acknowledgment by PM Boris Johnson for the charity’s impact, but he has also previously featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in recognition of Social Entrepreneurship through Tayaba.

Fundamentally, the Tayaba Organisation is envisaged as a catalyst for introducing affordable solutions to address water scarcity in Pakistan along with associated problems of non-existent or poor water infrastructure. To tackle this problem, Tayaba offers an innovative solution called the ‘H2O (Help-2-Others) wheel’ which, till date, has positively impacted over 50,000 underserved and marginalized people who are faced with water/freshwater scarcity.

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