Met Office Reveals ‘Below Average’ Mosoon Rains Statistics

Pakistan received 24% less than average monsoon rainfall in July and August, Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has revealed.

According to a PMD report, a number of PMD stations in Sindh and Balochistan did not receive a single drop of rain during the monsoon season in August.

This year’s monsoon season started five days late on 5 July. Significant continuous rainfall was observed after 10 July and the national rainfall stood 4% above the average in July. Sindh, however, received 47% less than normal rainfall in July.

Considerable reduction in rainfall was observed in August and the national monthly average was recorded 62% less than normal. All provinces reported below-average rainfall in August.

Prolonged dry conditions could adversely impact ripe crops in different districts across the country, the PMD report concluded.

Commenting on the report, Director PMD Karachi Airport, Sardar Sarfaraz, said that considering the historical record with July being the wettest and August the second-wettest month in Pakistan, there has been a notable deficiency in overall rainfall in this monsoon season.

He added that another spell of monsoon rainfall is expected to begin on 8 September that could result in above than the normal rainfall all over the country.

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