WhatsApp has faced a backlash after it announced its new terms of service and now the Facebook-owned messaging app has decided to announce updated terms as optional for users.

WhatsApp will announce the updated terms of service but accepting it would be optional for users.

As per tipster Wabetainfo, WhatsApp will make changes to its terms of service but will not make it mandatory to accept for users. However, users will have to accept the latest terms of service in order to chat with business accounts.

“WhatsApp will officially announce that you can still use WhatsApp to chat with your friends and family without accepting the updated Terms of Service. So what’s different? We can finally announce that they will be optional with a future update but, if you want to send a message to business accounts that use cloud providers, you won’t be able to message them if you don’t accept the terms,” the wabetainfo report said.

So if you do not accept the new terms of service, you will not be stopped from chatting or sending videos and pictures to your contacts.

However, you will have to accept it, if you communicate frequently with business accounts that use cloud providers.

Whenever you try to message a business account, the messaging app will show a message pop-up saying, “WhatsApp recently updated its terms and privacy policy. This business uses a secure service from the Facebook company to manage chats. To chat with the business, review and accept the WhatsApp update.”

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