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India’s Propaganda against Muslims & Pakistan for Covid-19 – Dr. Kashif Ansari

Dr. Kashif Ansari the man who brought the famous Ertugrul Ghazi’s production house Tekden Film to Pakistan and in collaboration with them is also producing “Turk Lala”

In yesterday’s video Dr. Kashif Ansari unleashed the violence and propaganda the Indian media is spreading against Muslims and Pakistan.

He explained that 6 months ago when Jamat e Islami Ijtima was held in New Dehli, India channels like Zee Tv, Times of India and Prime Time criticized the Muslim community about gathering and spreading the Covid.

Dr. Kashif Ansari stated that the Indian media is spreading hate and rumors to the citizens and blaming Pakistan and especially Muslim community to spread Covid among India.

Whereas the main reason was the Kumbh ka Meela, where about 50 lakh Hindus participated and did their rituals. This caused the most severe condition in India in which today 2,300 to 2,500 people are dying every day, more than 3 lakh news cases are being registered every day. Still the media of India and all the Modi Government is emphasizing that Pakistan and Muslim are the cause of Covid in India.

On the other hand the Prime Minister of India-Mr. Modi stated that they had eliminated Covid from India and there is no need to worry even the health minister is saying that people are making a fuss about such a short problem. When India needed Oxygen tanks and more beds in the Hospital Mr. Modi were renovating the Shokh Sabha worth $2 billion along with buying Rafeel aircraft worth millions of dollars.

All of these reasons are the main issue due to which Covid in India is such uncontrollable. Even in these hard times the government along with the famous showbiz actors and cricket players are doing nothing but going out of India to save their lives. People are dying out of oxygen and the Government is not even providing places or wood to burn the dead.

 Even in these allegations Pakistan and Muslims are standing alongside of India and are ready to help by every means possible. The CEO of Edhi Foundation-Faisal Edhi proposed 100 ambulances to India and people like these are trying to help India.

In a nut shell India from the time of partition has always tried to abolish the image of Pakistan and Muslims in the eyes of the World, but still in these conditions Pakistan and Muslims are with India and ready to help by hook and crook.

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