Dr. Kashif Ansari talked about so called Ramadan Tranmission

Dr. Kashif Ansari is a well known cancer specialist in US for the past 20 years. He is the man behind who brought the Turkish Delegation to Pakistan and is now in the collaboration with Tekden Films-The makers of the famous drama serial “Ertugrul Ghazi” making “Turk Lala”

In the recent video published on Dr Kashif Ansari’s page titled,” An open letter to the people of Ramadan transmission.” was about how the Showbiz Industry of Pakistan in the name of the holy month Ramadan is making money.

He shared his thoughts about the famous people like, Van Klaveren, a Dutch Politician who was in the middle of writing an anti-Muslim book converted to Islam and has now written book on Islam. Anthony Mundine, Australian former professional boxer and former rugby league footballer, and many people happily converted to Islam and are now not only leading a healthy Islamic life but are also a great inspiration to the whole World.

But here in Pakistan people from the Showbiz Industry, just to get fame and TRPs on the channel cater Ramadan as business where they make famous or popular actor/actress hosts of the show and do meaningless things.

After Ramadan  they all go back to their normal lives where they act as nothing changed, besides practicing on the perching they did the whole Holy Month, they spread negativity all over.



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