Samsumg Working on a Foldable Display Galaxy Tablet

Samsung is reportedly working on a double-folding phone to add to its lineup, according to Nikkei Asia (via 9to5Google). According to the article, the phone would fold into three segments using two hinges and could be announced “as early as the end of this year.”
According to the report, the design is still being finalized, but Nikkei’s sources say its screen could have a more standard 16:9 or 18:9 aspect ratio, making it easier for app makers to design for than the 25:9 screen found on the Z Fold.
Samsung says it might be skipping a new Galaxy Note this year but wasn’t exactly clear on why. There was talk of streamlining its phone offerings and of the global chip shortage, but this could be a test to see if Note users are ready for the fold.
It’s likely the multifold phone’s release will depend on whether Samsung can figure out how to navigate the chip shortages that have been affecting the entire industry.

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