Son Fakes Robbery To Seize 190-Tola Family Gold

On Friday, police claimed to have ‘solved’ a case of a recent snatching of 190 tolas of gold (worth more than Rs20 million) in the Defence Housing Authority, claiming that it was a carefully planned plot by a son to steal his parents’ gold held in a bank locker.
Imran Mirza, South SSP (Investigation), said that on March 20, a citizen named Asghar filed a FIR alleging that robbers had stolen 190 tolas of gold from him on Khayaban-i-Hafiz, DHA, Phase-VI. The family was planning for a wedding, according to the FIR, and he had taken gold ornaments from the bank locker for the occasion.
When he reached home on Khayaban-i-Hafiz in a car, two suspects riding a motorbike snatched gold and cash from him.
The police said closed-circuit television camera footage provided by the complainant showed the incident of a robbery.
According to the officer, when the investigators saw the video, they were suspicious of the robbery because the perpetrators had grabbed a “shopping bag” from the couple without showing them any weapon.
“The suspects revealed all information during interrogation, and the police have arrested them,” Mr Mirza said.

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