Science proves Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) Sunnah prevents Brain Damage in New Born

Tahnik was made a mandatory sunnah for newborns by Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Tahnik is the practise of placing a piece of Dates in your mouth until it softens, then rubbing it against the upper part of the newborn’s mouth.

Tahnik Sunnah Prevents Brain Damage in NewBorns after 1,400 years, according to Science.
As per experts, a dose of sugar provided as a gel is rubbed within the cheek of premature babies to protect them from brain damage in an effective and inexpensive way.

One out of every ten babies born prematurely suffers from low blood sugar. If not treated, it can have long-term consequences.
According to New Zealand researchers, the gel therapy was conducted on 242 babies under the supervision of researchers, and it is now recommended as the first-line treatment. The lancet has published their work.

Prof Jane and her team at the University of Auckland claim that dextrose gel care costs more than £1 per baby and is easier to administer than glucose via a drip.
Usually, the procedure involves further feeding and repeated blood tests to control blood sugar levels.
The majority of the babies are admitted to a higher level of treatment. They are given intravenous glucose when their blood sugar is poor, a disorder known as hypoglycemia by physicians.

The researchers decided to see if treating hypoglycemia with dextrose gel was more successful than just feeding.
Even though Dextrose gel had fallen out of favour, these procedures indicated that it should be considered a therapy, according to Neil Marlow of the University College London Institute for Women’s Health.

He also claimed to have high-quality evidence of its worth.

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