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Advance Telecom Website Revamped by Bss-Digital Media Agency

Established in 2002, Advance Telecom is one of the leading mobile phone distribution house with largest retail and after sale service network across Pakistan.Bss-Digital is working with Advance Telecom since 2015, managing their ecommerce website and social media which includes the overall handling of social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and web management such as restocking of the phones and updation in the web page. Bss-Digital also acts as a call center for Advance Telecom where our representatives cater the orders and provide all useful information to customers which helps them to buy a perfect phone of their use. Bss Digital also handles all the messages on the page and response with 12 hours to facilitate the customers.  

Recently Advance Telecom Website was revamped by Bss-Digital where we dived deep into the sea of knowledge and skills to bring out a breathtaking website for our client. The website included a whole new perspective for the buyer. Revamped website includes the new partner “Itel” as well. Previously Advance Telecom was the distributor of Nokia and now another partner is added to the pool which is Itel.

The new website starts with “Home page”. It reflects the mission and visions of the company including their journey with different clients along with their achievements so far.

There is a whole separate world of Nokia Phones and Itel Phones on the website. A person wanting Nokia phone can dive into that world and explore every Smart or Feature phone. Itel Phones are categorized separately for customer’s convenience.

Then come about us, contact us and support pages which define the company’s history and what they do as a Distributor.

The Website shows untiring efforts of the people behind it, they worked day and night to make the website boost and shine for the customers. The revamped website was developed on the updated version of WordPress together with we integrated the TCS portal, SMS, Email and Bank APIs. The website is a complete Ecommerce solution with all needful features for future. It has a user friendly interface and a responsive layout i.e. can be used in desktop, phone or laptops easily.

In a nut shell Advance Telecom website is all new for customers to get better experience and surf along the website freely.

By: Ayesha Yousuf

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