A 2 Month Old Kid Becomes 5 Yards Land Owner on the Moon

Gandhi Nagar: A citizen from the Indian state of Gujarat bought an acre of moon to give an invaluable gift to a two-month-old son.

According to Indian media report, a man belonging to Surat district of Gujarat state has gifted his two-month-old son an actor of land on the moon (according to the yards, the area is near thousand yards) .

Vijay Kathoria, a belonging to Surat area of Sarthana, bought a priceless gift to his two-month-old son Natiya, not only on the moon but also named it to him.

The businessman from Gujarat said that he had a son two months ago, when Natiya came to the world, he decided to give a precious and special gift.

Vijay counts among the major Gujarat traders, according to the report, he sent an email request to the New York International Launerland Registry Company to buy land on the moon, which has been approved by the World Organization and completed the proceedings.
The company has sent them all papers about buying land.

According to the media report, Vijay Kathoria has become the world’s first trader and his son has become the youngest owner to buy land on the moon.

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